“No right to live on welfare money”

The British Labour government wants to overhaul the welfare state and threatens the unemployed with "escalating sanctions"

Not only in Germany, as in the Federal Ministry of Economics, activation strategies for the unemployed are being considered ("Activation strategy" for the unemployed). In Great Britain, too, in view of the growing unemployment figures, the government is proposing measures under which the long-term unemployed or welfare recipients would only receive money after two years without work if they perform social services in return.

According to Minister James Purnell of the Department of Work and Pensions, this is a major change in the welfare state. He boasted that even the Thatcher and Major governments had not dared to go so far. However, despite all the restrictions, one is relying on the "Basic principles of the welfare state", which were undermined and forgotten between the 60s and 80s.

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More justice: the old chestnut freshly rehashed

And with this the SPD wants to win elections?

The old SPD has recently got what is called a shooting star in modern German: Martin Schulz, the bearer of hope. And it has a motto that has all the people – especially the old SPD supporters – rubbing off their chairs with unrestrained enthusiasm: "More justice". The enthusiasm is justified; no one has thought of this before. A simple tour d’horizon through 150 years of social democratic history shows that:

Justice, justice, justice

"Our foundation: Justice. A just society has been the goal of social democratic politics for more than 150 years." Guiding principle of the Social Democratic Values Conference on Justice of 2017 "Social justice through democratization of the state!" Ferdinand Lassalle 1863

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The gross sellout

About the strange fee proposals of the Hungarian netizens

As in every new year since the collapse of communism, the belt had to be tightened a little in 1999 because of shortages and economic reform. In Hungary there were higher prices for bakery and dairy products in the new year (10 and. 5-10 percent), for public transportation (13-15 percent) and for goods and services (10-15 percent) in general. And then, of course, one should not forget the 10.5 percent increase in telephone costs.

In a press statement that sounded ominously like a military confrontation between the U.S. and Iraq, Hungary’s leading webzine iNteRNeTTo announced a "Victory without a fight" to. The victory had to do with MATAV’s decision to extend the more favorable night tariffs, benefiting mainly network users. Obviously, this announcement was the result of negotiations between Hungarian network users and the telecom giant.

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Judgment burdened knollchen balance

Judgment burdened Knollchen balance

Among other things Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Offenbach stopped the parking space monitoring by private companies who have used temporary workers in traffic monitoring. Offenbach announced in mid-February 2020, around 20.To adjust 000 procedures, which is a loss of revenue of around 250.000 euros mean. In all these cases, temporary workers had ied the Knollchen. Already completed methods are not rolled up, as it strikes. The resulting personal reconstruction by the no longer worked temporary workers wanted the city as soon as possible.

The Knollchen decision of the OLG also had an impact on Wiesbaden. Overall, around 95 were last year.000 Knollchen ied by temporary workers, as the state capital announced. In Frankfurt, it was about 34.000 procedures with a total volume of around half a million euros. Because: Was the ticket office ied by a temporary worker and the procedure was not yet completed, the false parker Gluck had not numbers and did not have to pay. The use of private service providers also ended other municipalities such as Darmstadt and Fulda.

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8-Bit melodies from the mobile phone

8-bit melodies from the mobile phone

At the first opening the user is quite alone. On a 4×4 matrix, a gray marker is commentless of field to field, next to countless Knopfe. The short guide hidden behind a question mark rubs the functions just. Only after you have involved in the operation with YouTube tutorials, Nanoloop’s wide range of functions reveals itself.

The basic principle is simple: melodies and rhythms are composed on the matrix, a so-called pattern. Tone I can place by tapping on the 16 matrix fields. They sound when the hiking gray marker reaches the respective field. For up to eight different channels, eight patterns can be designed and assembled with loops or the arrangement tool. The sound of each channel is individually regulated. Also imported cling and short shots are possible.

Tools for transpose, octave and effects such as Panning and Fade make the application to the high-quality sequencer. Finished compositions can be exported. What sounds complicated should not quench music laymen. You too can quickly create small stucco. To can turn off the full potential of the app, musical basic knowledge is recommended. Nanoloop costs for Android 3.59 euros, for iOS 4.49 euros. On the smartphone, the operation is quudgety, it is recommended a tablet.

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Mazda 3 celebrates world premiere on the l. A. Auto show 2008

Mazda 3 celebrates world premiere on the l. A. Auto show 2008

Los Angeles (USA), 20. November 2008 – Mazda introduces the future 3 as a four-star stepheck limousine on the Los Angeles Car Show of 21. to 30. November 2008 before. At the Bologna Motor Show early December 2008, the world premiere is celebrating the world premiere in Europe. There will also be a memorable information and technical details on both body variants, because even the step heat version will give it with us, but with other engines.


Due to the quality of the previous 3ers suspension, Mazda had no attention to develop a completely new chassis. So the previous platform, which originates from the Ford Focus First Generation, was carried out in some points, very similarly as if to have Ford and last vw practiced in the golf. For example, improvements are understood, for example, a stylish creation of the electrohydraulic rack steering steering and various changes in storage, stabilizers, cycling and spring / steamer vote. Of course, the multi-linking for the rear ratchet instead of a composite link axis, with the Ford had set at the show of the first Focus Mabstabe. VW moved to the Golf V at that time.

Two motorizations

In North America, the new Mazda 3 is offered with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which makes 148 hp at 6500 rpm. For weight savings, the engine block made of aluminum is made. From the Mazda 6, the car also takes over the 2.5-liter gasoline engine with 167 hp at 6000 rpm. The power transmission takes place depending on the motorization via a manual gearbox with FUF or six ears. In addition, an electronically controlled automatic transmission with manual switching mode is relevant. Which engines get Europe, Mazda will communicate in Bologna at the beginning of December.

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Federal network agency lowers prices for service numbers from the mobile network

Federal Network Agency lowers prices for service numbers from the mobile network

The Federal Network Agency announces price reductions for connections to service numbers from the German mobile network. Up to 1. April 2022 the generally rough price differences between fixed network and mobile for calls to 0180 and 0137 numbers should be adjusted.

0180 numbers are used by service services, 0137 numbers as so-called televote numbers for competitions or votes in TV formats such as the jungle camp. From the German landline, a call for a service service costs 3.9 cents per minute, from mobile networks, on the other hand, 42 cents.

No longer time

To 1. December the price differences should be adjusted to 0180 numbers, from the 1. April 2022 The cost of 0137 numbers. The uniform prizes are made possible by a Neufang of the Telecommunications Act (TKG) and the entry into force for the first December, which is now able to set new prices for end customers now, which is now able to set the competitive workers now.

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Ford: new diesel for s-max and galaxy

Ford: new diesel for s-max and galaxy

Ford makes a comparatively broad van assortment. The smallest representative, the B-Max, is no longer offered. Whether both the Galaxy as well as S-Max have a future, is uncertain. Thoughtful goods that Ford summarizes the similar coarse vans to a model. But it is not that far: The Group cares both among other things with a new diesel engine offered in four power levels.

An engine, four performance classes

The basic layout is always the same: a two-liter four-cylinder with four-valve cylinder head. Instead of a storage council, Ford is now on a SCR Cat. The following configurations are the following configurations:

120 hp 340 nm 5.1 l / 100 km front drive six-speed manual transmission

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Fast wi-fi with wi-fi 6e: away free for more wi-fi channel in the eu

Fast Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi 6e: away free for more Wi-Fi channel in the EU

In April 2020, the US regulatory workers FCC made the beginning and released an additional frequency block between 5.9 and 7.1 GHz for use by WLAN. This channel can be understood as an extension of the 5 GHz band upwards, which marketed the manufacturer’s association Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) as "Wi-Fi 6e".

With the additional channels, adjacent Wi-Fi systems can be better distributed in the spectrum, so they will find a free radio channel in densely populated areas and do not have to wait for neighbors straight. In short, this results in more net throughput for all, but the bonus is only with new, Wi-Fi-6e-Fahy hardware.

Wi-Fi with 6 GHz

On European side, the standardization body ETSI BrANS (Broadband Radio Access Networks) is working on standard EN 303 687, which defines the technical parameters for 6 GHz Wi-Fi in the EU. The design took the stable status in early November.

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