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Skepticism about the official explanation of 9-11.9. Spreads

In an event on 11.9. in New York about the attacks of 11.9. 2001 was about the unanswered questions and the emergence of an international 11-9 movement

Last Thursday evening, on 11. September 2003, 800 or 900 people attended an event in New York City at Riverside Church. It is not surprising that there was little coverage in the U.S. media. The “Investigative Film Exhibition and Roundtable Program” was part of the multi day event Reframing 9/11.

Documentary films were shown on Thursday, including a revised version of the questions Mindy Kleinberg asked during the first hearing of the government-appointed 9-11 Commission. Along with three other women who killed their husbands on 11.9. had lost, Kleinberg had campaigned to put prere on the U.S. government to answer questions. For example, why no Dusenjagers were deployed as required when the four planes crashed on 11.9. were kidnapped.

In the service of science?

Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities declares agricultural genetic engineering harmless

When it comes to big money, manners get rough. Using this insight, the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities ied a press release at the end of June on the current controversy over agricultural genetic engineering. The epithet “green” pushes the agricultural field of genetic engineering into the dangerously innocent. And so the academy titles its declaration “For freedom of research in genetic engineering, especially in so-called green genetic engineering”. The concise text calls for the removal of all barriers to the crude application of genetic engineering in the field and presents as a justification a completely free reading of the current state of knowledge about the dangers of genetic engineering in agriculture.

The timing is not accidental, because in these summer months the ministry wants to decide whether the coarse cultivation of genetically manipulated seeds should be released or continue to be regulated, possibly even more strongly than before. In the fall, according to Minister Horst Seehofer, the new genetic engineering law will be introduced.

Gluhwurmchen in the universe

The "Dark matter" the cosmologist begins to lighten up. "Weak Gravitational Lensing" should help to see what is invisible so far

"Do you know how many stars are standing ..?" The catalogs fill books. Amateur astronomers spend hours upon hours trying not to get lost in the sheer uberfulle. If you want to experience the splendor of the evening sky in a dream, you need a place far away from civilization. Very small one feels then. And now come the astrophysicists J.P.Easterners and P.Steinhardt and report in Science:

"The light-emitting components of the universe are a very, if not frighteningly, modest part of what makes up the universe. 0.4 percent of total energy is stars or luminous gases. Everything else is dark. Of the dark 3.7 percent are identified: cold gases and haze, neutrinos and black holes.

Syriza: the party rebels
Syriza: the party revolts

Alexis Tsipras with Deputy Prime Minister Giannis Dragasakis at the SYRIZA Central Committee meeting. Image: W. Aswestopoulos

Nearly 44 percent of SYRIZA’s central committee refuse to give Tsipras a blank check

Over the weekend, the central committee of SYRIZA met with an agenda item of. The ie was the party’s strategy in negotiations with international lenders. While the representatives of the Greek coalition government are negotiating in Brussels or Riga with the EU and the ECB, but also with the IMF, the governing parties are discussing whether they can support the government’s concession.

The female flip side: lollipop chainsaw
The female flip side: lollipop chainsaw

All images: Warner Bros.

Cheerleader Juliet Starling notices on her way to school that there are grumbling undead everywhere, trying to get at her very already animated body. Thank goodness: the young lady always carries a huge chain saga with her.

For a long time the guild of consoleros interested in games for adults has been divided into two camps. While one faction is content with standardized big budget shooters and therefore often has nothing more to say about the latest games than that the "graphics are awesome", the much smaller part prefers to indulge in the sometimes bizarre, sometimes endearing, sometimes even endearingly bizarre art worlds that Japanese design gurus come up with for their titles.

First catalan prisoners on their way to catalonia
First catalan prisoners on the way to catalonia

Image: Assemblea Nacional

Accusations against Puigdemont become even more adventurous; the new Sanchez government loses its majority

It is a small gesture by the new social democratic government that has now begun to transfer Catalan political prisoners closer to their homes. Initially, six of the nine prisoners will be transferred, with the remaining three former ministers to follow soon. They started their journey today towards the prisons of Lledoners and Figueres. In the meantime, they have arrived at the prison of Zuera, near Zaragoza, from where they will be shipped to Catalonia on Wednesday.

Buridan’s robot

Considerations on machine dilemmas

Let’s take a modern creature, a robot. "robot"). This robot acts according to certain rules, has orders and duties. He is able to judge the consequences of his actions and to prefer or adapt the rules under certain circumstances.

Buridan's robot

The Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS) combat robot. Image: QinetiQ

Conservative racing game wonders and pure reality escapes
Conservative racing game wonders and pure reality escapes

A Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren races with other Mercedes models on the Nurburgring.

Gran Turismo 5, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Nail’d

Three new top racing games enrich the genre – each in its own way. Simulation gourmets race through Gran Turismo 5 racing, couch cops slipping into Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and adrenaline junkies fly over highways in Nail’d through the lanes of madness.

Cem ozdemir: the grune usboy
Cem Ozdemir: The Grune USBoy

Cem Ozdemir (2018). Image: Olaf Kosinsky / CC BY-SA-3.0

Some are still surprised by the green turning: away from the former peace movement to an Atlantic Nato party. For this is the early Minister Joschka Fischer, but also Ozdemir

At 19. November 2017, for the then great party chairman Ozdemir probably a life room. With the failure of the negotiations of CDU, CSU, FDP and green for one "Jamaica coalition" shifted his goal to become Vice-Chancellor and Aufemister of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Of bar machines, god warriors and crooks

The Darwinian explanation of cultural diversity

Do the plans of the federal government degrade women into "Gebarmaschinen", as the Augsburg bishop Mixa argues? Will the citizens of Germany have to work until 67 or even beyond?? Why did the British Parliament pass a law in 1807 criminalizing the trade in slaves?? Why there are more Christmas decorations in Istanbul than in Munich at Christmastime? Has the democratization of the Middle East finally failed?? How can we explain the periodic return of former trends and fashions that were thought to be long forgotten? "Cool eighties"? Why did the Dutch director Theo van Gogh die??

Such questions regularly lead to heated discussions about whether and how to evaluate cultural improvements. The sheer strangeness of cultural changes prohibits any critical examination of them? If yes, on what grounds? And if not, how is such a critique to be theoretically conducted?? The subject of such a discussion are the motives, means and results of an action. A recent theoretical approach to grounding the constituents of an action borrows directly from biological evolutionary theory.